FAA and ICAO Certified Instrument Procedure Designers

HUGHES is a FAA and ICAO Certified Third Party Air Navigation Services Provider, providing the latest technology in Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Conventional Instrument Flight Procedure design, validation and maintenance services.  Join the growing list of discerning international customers: Airlines, Regulators, Corporate & Helicopter Operators who have made the switch to HUGHES.

  • RNP
  • RNP AR
  • Helicopter IFR Procedures – Instrument Approaches, Routes and Maintenance
  • GBAS GLS – With our strategic partner Honeywell, we are the only source of certified GBAS Precision Landing Systems in the world.
  • RNAV Visual Approaches
  • SID/STAR Development – CDO’s


About Hughes Aerospace

Houston based Hughes Aerospace Corporation is an international Third Party Air Navigation Services Provider.  We are highly experienced working with Regulators, Airlines, Corporate & Helicopter Operators, along with Air Traffic Management organizations throughout the global aerospace supply chain. Hughes is one of two organizations in the world, that are certified by the FAA for Public Third Party Instrument Procedure Design, Validation, and Maintenance.  Hughes is also endorsed by ICAO, and licensed in several countries as a Third Party ANSP.  Hughes Aerospace offers complete solutions that are unique and tailored to our customer’s specifications. Our emphasis is on Instrument Flight Procedure Development, Inspection/Validation and Maintenance for both Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Conventional Instrument Procedures with their inter-relationship with Air Traffic Control Engineering, SMS and Flight Operations. Hughes is the only Third Party ANSP that is experienced at supporting the entire spectrum of airspace users.

  • Complete Systems Based Navigation Services
    • Instrument Flight Procedure Design – Certified for both PANSOPS and TERPS criteria
    • Conventional Instrument Procedures – ILS, VOR, DME, NDB
    • Flight Validation, Simulator Validation, Obstacle Validation
    • Heliport IFR Evaluations
    • ICAO Annex 14 Obstacle Survey
    • PBN Roadmaps and Business Plans
    • GBAS – FAA/ICAO Approved Ground Based Augmentation Stations – GLS Approaches
  • Air Traffic Management & Engineering Services
  • Automated Weather, ATC Communications & ADS-B Platforms
  • Flight Operations Management Consulting
  • AIP Charting & Maintenance Programs
  • Navigation Data Coding, Storage & Management

We have participated in numerous airspace redesign projects in large metropolitan areas, with proven success in increasing throughput, reducing delays and environmental impact. Hughes is uniquely positioned to offer RNAV/RNP, but qualified to deliver the more precise three dimensional paths of WAAS LPV and GBAS GLS augmented GPS navigation procedures. WAAS LPV differential GPS offers superior accuracy provides lower minimums and a higher margin of safety than non-augmented or “raw” GPS navigation.


Licenses & Certifications

ICAO – Hughes is one a small group of organizations in the world to have received the ICAO Endorsement as an approved Third Party Instrument Flight Procedure Design Organization, for providing both Conventional and PBN Procedures.

FAA – Hughes is one of two companies that have an FAA Letter of Authorization (LOA) for Public Third Party Instrument Procedure Design. Hughes has an FAA approved program for third party development and maintenance of RNAV (RNP) navigation procedures.

FAA – Hughes possesses an FAA Letter of Authorization (LOA) for Heliport Evaluation.

FAA – Additionally, Hughes possesses an FAA Letter of Authorization (LOA) under FAA Order 8900.1 to perform Simulator, Flight and Obstacle Validation for Performance Based Navigation Procedures.  Hughes Aerospace has an FAA approved Flight and Obstacle Validation Procedures Handbook and FAA approved equipment necessary to provide initial flight validations as well as navigation procedure maintenance.  As an FAA designee, Hughes is unique in possessing this authorization for both fixed-wing and helicopter procedures, including the validation of WAAS LPV procedures.  Hughes has a total of four Flight, Simulator and Obstacle Validation Pilots.  Hughes can design and validate PBN procedures as well as performing Ground and Airborne Obstacle Validations.

UAE – Hughes Aerospace has received a license for Instrument Flight Procedure Design in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority. The Director General has presented Hughes Aerospace Corporation a license for procedure design in the United Arab Emirates, using PANS OPS criteria.

Oman – Hughes Aerospace has an Instrument Flight Procedure Design License from the Sultanate of Oman, and has worked closely with the CAA to implement the first PBN procedures in Oman.

Philippines – The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines awarded Hughes a Third Party license to develop Instrument Flight Procedures throughout the Philippines.


Hughes and its leadership are members and/or advisors in the following organizations:

  • HAI – Helicopter Association International
  • ICAO – PBN Go-Team
  • IHST – International Helicopter Safety Team
  • Royal Aeronautical Society – Flight Test Committee
  • Aviation Week & Space Technology – Member, NextGen Board of Directors