gbas 5Hughes Aerospace offers Ground Based Augmentation Systems or GBAS which provide precision “GLS” approaches.  Hughes can provide the complete turn-key GBAS solution allowing the airport to focus on their core business.  Lower acquisition, installation and maintenance costs than a legacy Instrument Landing System or ILS. Can be combined with RNAV & RNP.

Hughes provides a systems solution consisting of:

  • Certified GBAS
  • Instrument Flight Procedures
  • Flight Validation and Inspection
  • Air Traffic Control Integration Training
  • Flight Operations Integration Training
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Civil Works
  • Regulatory Compliance

gbas 3

Discover the value of GBAS and GLS Precision Approaches.  One GBAS station can provide:

  • 26 Independent Precision Approaches
  • One Digital Frequency
  • Eliminate repetitive and costly flight inspections
  • Variable Geometric Paths
  • Displaced Thresholds
  • Runway Independent installation – can be sighted on the roof of a terminal building or hangar
  • Eliminates ILS Critical Holding areas
  • Resistant to harsh marine environments, flooding and areas subjected to Hurricanes and Typhoons
  • Reduced Environmental Impact