Airport Surveys, Heliport Certifications and Obstacles

Both new and existing airports require surveys for terrain & obstacles, ellipsoid updates, obstacle determinations and GNSS Ionospheric survey. Hughes provides these services using the latest ICAO or FAA conforming criteria. We also provide Heliport certification, FAA 5010 generation and other services tailored to your needs, at any airport or heliport world-wide. Hughes is a licensed sUAS operator and uses drones for aerial survey & 3D & digital Elevation Models of Terrain and Obstacles. Hughes also provides obstacle determinations and classifications to 1A accuracy.

Heliport Ground Obstacle Assessment















Wind Turbine


  • Impact to Navigation – Hughes can analyze your existing or proposed obstacle to determine its impact on Instrument Flight Procedures.
  • Maximum Height – Hughes can calculate and provide guidance for the maximum allowable height of a proposed obstacle at your location.
  • Airports – Determine the impact to all airports, both public and use and private airports near your proposed site.
  • Cell_Phone_Tower

    Cell Phone Tower

    Heliports – Locate and determine the impact to heliports located near your proposed construction site.
  • Existing Obstacles – We can locate, provide the history and previous determinations of existing obstacles at your location.