Aside from the FAA, Hughes has more Flight Inspection capability and experience than any other Air navigation Services Provider.  Only Hughes operates it own state-of-the-art flight inspection aircraft, equipped with the latest avionics and automation.  Our aircraft feature the absolute latest avionics available, as well as operating the only flight inspection helicopter in the industry.  Hughes is better able to service our customers, by not imposing on the use of their aircraft and crews to perform flight inspection activities.  Customers forced to use their own aircraft understand quickly the true intrinsic & opportunity cost that can be avoided when their aircraft are left to support their own businesses.  Hughes saves our customers money and provides a true value proposition with our staff of FAA certified of IFPV – Instrument Flight Validation Pilots and PEP’s – Procedure Validation Pilots.  Hughes also assumes maintenance from the FAA as well as other service providers, saving time, cost and delays for our customers.     

HUGHES TBM850 Flight Inspection


HUGHES R66 Flight Inspection