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“Hughes is a Global Air Navigation Services Provider. We Design, Validate and Maintain Instrument Flight Procedures for Helicopters & Airplanes. Hughes also performs Heliport & Airport surveys, Heliport certifications, and provides both IFPV & PEP Services* – with our own aircraft.

Hughes is approved by the FAA as a Part 97 Public Service Provider as well as ICAO Endorsed, and certificated by many governments worldwide. Hughes operates its own fleet of aircraft & UAS for Flight Inspection & Aerial Survey.

Hughes has always accepted challenges presented by our customers for innovative, effective airspace solutions.

Hughes has consistently been first to market with practical solutions that leverage existing & emerging technology involving Vertical Flight & Fixed Wing Operations worldwide; using a variety of innovative satellite-based navigation products & services.

Why Hughes? … High Customer Satisfaction!”

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Post by Alyce Shingler on March 29, 2022
Hughes Team at HELI-EXPO 2022 discussing weather systems and COPTER instrument flight procedures.

Hooks Airport Houston Establishes Lower Approach Minimums, New Vertically Guided Instrument Flight Procedure Implemented

Post by Alyce Shingler on February 26, 2021
Feb 25th, 2021 David Wayne Hooks Airport (KDWH) in Northwest Houston, TX has implemented a new vertically guided Instrument Flight

USHST names Chris Baur as its next industry co-chair

Post by Alyce Shingler on March 4, 2023
https://verticalmag.com/press-releases/ushst-names-chris-baur-as-its-next-industry-co-chair/ The United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) has named Chris Baur, President and CEO of Hughes Aerospace, as its

Vertical Lift Aircraft Become More Automated, Accurate, and Intuitive to Navigate

Post by Alyce Shingler on March 1, 2023
ANNE WAINSCOTT-SARGENT https://interactive.aviationtoday.com/avionicsmagazine/january-february-2023/vertical-lift-aircraft-become-more-automated-accurate-and-intuitive-to-navigate/ Despite ongoing challenges in the avionics supply chain, the vertical lift community continues to work to advance

New RNAV RNP Procedure Enables Safer Approaches and Landings at Eagle County Airport

Post by Alyce Shingler on October 27, 2022
By Woodrow Bellamy III | October 26, 2022 https://www.aviationtoday.com/2022/10/26/new-rnav-rnp-procedure-enables-safer-approaches-landings-eagle-county-airport/ In August 2021, I participated in an inspection flight of a new approach

HAI Member Spotlight: Hughes Aerospace Corp., Texas, USA

Post by Alyce Shingler on October 5, 2022
ICAO-endorsed air navigation services provider offers IFP and PBN services worldwide. Air navigation services provider Hughes Aerospace Corp. offers performance-based navigation (PBN)