Houston based Hughes Aerospace Corporation is a globally recognized and fully credentialed non-FAA Air Navigation Services Provider. Hughes designs, implements and maintains Instrument Flight Procedures for government authorities worldwide. We are the largest non-FAA Public Service Provider, experienced in developing and maintaining Part 97 Public, as well as Special Instrument Flight Procedures. Hughes is endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as an Air Navigation Service Provider in addition to several other regulatory authorities worldwide. We also possess certification for complete inspection & validation services, conducted with Hughes Flight Inspection aircraft or our customer’s aircraft. Hughes delivers Integrated Performance Based Navigation (PBN) solutions for regulators, airports, and Air Traffic Management organizations throughout the global aerospace supply chain. Together, we have participated in landmark airspace projects that involve PBN throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our solutions are both complete and tailored to our customer’s specifications.

  • RNP
  • RNP AR
  • Helicopter IFR Procedures – Instrument Approaches, Routes and Maintenance
  • GBAS GLS – With our strategic partner Honeywell, we are the only source of certified GBAS Precision Landing Systems in the world.
  • RNAV Visual Approaches
  • SID/STAR Development – CDO’s
    • Instrument Flight Procedure Design & Implementation
    • COPTER LPV, LP & LNAV Instrument Approach Procedures
    • Instrument Departure Procedures
    • COPTER RNP Airways
  • Charting – Digital, Geo-referenced, tailored formatting, EFB compatible
  • Procedure Maintenance & Daily NOTAM Service
  • Terrain, Obstacle Survey & Obstacle Determinations
  • FAA Required Forms & Certification
  • FAA PEP Services – Heliport Procedure Evaluation Pilot
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  • Flight Inspection Services – Flight Validation, Simulator Validation, Obstacle Validation
  • Hughes has a team of IFPV Pilots
  • Hughes operates its own Flight Inspection Helicopter
    • FAA Heliport Evaluations, Certification & Survey
    • FAA LOC ID, 5010 Registry
  • UAS derived DEM’s, 3D spatial modeling
  • Navigation Data Coding, Storage Management
    • Air Traffic Engineering Services
      • Training
      • Airspace Analysis
      • Obstacle Determinations
      • Environmental Process

Licenses & Certifications

FAA – Hughes possesses FAA Authorization to provide Public & Special Instrument Flight Procedures. Specifically, our certifications allow us to design, implement and maintain Instrument Flight Procedures. Hughes FAA approved program includes Validation Services involving Simulator, Flight and Obstacle Validation for both Public & Special Navigation Procedures. Additionally, Hughes possesses FAA Authorization to perform FAA Heliport Evaluations. Hughes Aerospace has and its own aircraft and FAA approved equipment, necessary to provide a very efficient, timely turnkey response for both new and existing
procedures including IFP Maintenance & NOTAM Service.

ICAO – Hughes is one of a few organizations in the world to have received ICAO Endorsement as an approved Air Navigation Services Provider. We are qualified for both Conventional and PBN Navigation Procedures. Hughes is also a part of the ICAO PBN “Go-Team” and has worked with ICAO member states on PBN implementations.

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UAE – Hughes Aerospace has received a license for Instrument
Flight Procedure Design in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from the
UAE General Civil Aviation Authority. The Director General has presented Hughes Aerospace Corporation a license for procedure design in the United Hughes COPTER GPS Approaches & Departures Arab Emirates.

Oman – Hughes Aerospace has an Instrument Flight Procedure Design License from the Sultanate of Oman and has worked closely with the CAA to implement the first PBN procedures in Oman.

Philippines –The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines awarded Hughes a license to develop Instrument Flight Procedures throughout the Philippines.

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Hughes Aerospace offers Ground Based Augmentation Systems or GBAS which provide precision “GLS” approaches.  Hughes can provide the complete turn-key GBAS solution allowing the airport to focus on their core business.  Lower acquisition, installation and maintenance costs than a legacy Instrument Landing System or ILS. Can be combined with RNAV & RNP.

Hughes provides a systems solution consisting of:

  • Certified GBAS
  • Instrument Flight Procedures
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  • Flight Validation and Inspection
  • Air Traffic Control Integration Training
  • Flight Operations Integration Training
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Civil Works
  • Regulatory Compliance

Discover the value of GBAS and GLS Precision Approaches.  One GBAS station can provide:

  • 26 Independent Precision Approaches
  • One Digital Frequency
  • Eliminate repetitive and costly flight inspections
  • Variable Geometric Paths
  • Displaced Thresholds
  • Runway Independent installation – can be sighted on the roof of a terminal building or hangar
  • Eliminates ILS Critical Holding areas
  • Resistant to harsh marine environments, flooding and areas subjected to Hurricanes and Typhoons
  • Reduced Environmental Impact

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