Hughes Revolutionizes Helicopter Navigation with the Launch of Groundbreaking COPTER ZK Route Network

Post by Alyce Shingler on February 28, 2024

Hughes has implemented the first Helicopter Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Network in commercial service, comprised of ZK Routes, RNP APCH & Departures.

Hughes, working closely with the FAA and Garmin, have been able to create a safer, more efficient pathway for IFR helicopter operations with the implementation of the first COPTER PBN Network”

— Chris Baur, CEO Hughes AerospaceANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2024 / — Hughes Revolutionizes Helicopter Navigation with the Launch of Groundbreaking COPTER ZK Route Network

Hughes Aerospace, a leading innovator in aviation navigation technology, is proud to announce the successful development and implementation of ZK routes, the first-of-its-kind low-level IFR airways designed specifically for helicopter operations. In collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Hughes has spearheaded the creation of these routes to enhance safety and efficiency for helicopter pilots by allowing operations closer to the ground, thus mitigating the risks associated with icing conditions as well as terrain and obstacles.

The ZK routes, part of a COPTER Performance Based Navigation (PBN) network, are a testament to Hughes’ commitment to advancing aviation technology. Through rigorous testing and evaluation conducted with the Hughes own R66 flight test helicopter, Hughes has worked meticulously with the FAA to establish the criteria for these innovative airways. This initiative also included the development of COPTER RNP-APCH LPV Instrument Approaches, and RNP 0.3 Departures, further showcasing Hughes’ dedication to enhancing navigational precision and safety in challenging day/night weather conditions.

Garmin®, a key collaborator, played a crucial role in developing the navigation databases necessary for both the testing and subsequent implementation of these advanced navigation procedures. Together, Hughes and Garmin introduced several technological enhancements, including operator ZK database route selectivity, which allows for greater flexibility and customization for helicopter operators.

Reach Air Medical Services, a leader in medical transportation, has become the first operator to successfully implement an entire IFR network of ZK routes, equipped with RNP-APCH approaches and RNP 0.3 RNAV Departures. This achievement marks a significant milestone in aviation, providing Reach Air Medical Services with unprecedented operational enhancements and reinforcing the importance of technological advancement in ensuring the safety and efficiency of air medical services.

Chris Baur, CEO of Hughes Aerospace & Industry Chairman of the US Helicopter Safety Team, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “Hughes, working closely with the FAA and Garmin, has been able to create a safer, more efficient pathway for IFR helicopter operations with the implementation of the first COPTER PBN Network. This innovation not only enhances operational capabilities but also sets a new standard for navigation and safety in the vertical flight community.”

“We are very excited to be part of what Hughes Aerospace is doing with their launch of ZK routes. Providing our Garmin Navigation database with ZK routes capability will allow helicopter operators to utilize advanced navigation procedures, simplifying their everyday missions.” –Carl Wolf, Garmin Vice President of Aviation Sales and Marketing

The introduction of ZK routes is a clear indication of Hughes’ leadership in the aviation sector and its unwavering commitment to incubating technology for safer, more efficient flight operations. As the aviation industry continues to evolve, Hughes remains at the forefront, dedicated to developing technologies that improve safety, efficiency, and the overall piloting experience.

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